To expand the scope of outstanding service we can provide, CDDG has established strategic partnerships with companies that share our values and our standards of quality. Through these partnerships, we can offer seamless access to expertise and services that complement the core competencies of CDDG.

Contact us if you'd like to learn more.  We proudly list our strategic partners below.


Founded in 2014 in Bellevue Washington, Pharmefex Consulting provides expert technical, regulatory, and compliance services to clients around the world (  Through a multidisciplinary approach, Pharmefex helps organizations to streamline process development, accelerate time to market, reduce cost of goods, manage technology transfers, prepare CMC submissions, and prevent and resolve manufacturing and compliance problems for recombinant proteins, and cellular immunotherapy products. The company deploys decades of experience to deliver top-quality results for a diverse base of global clients, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and the law firms that serve them.

Their hands-on experience with development, transfer, validation and manufacturing of Cellular Immunotherapy products sets them apart from others.  Pharmefex specializes in helping clients seamlessly accelerate their products to market and achieve higher profitability and to avoid costly mistakes.


Protein quality is vital to the success of experiments that form the foundation of the discovery and development of therapeutics. Olympic Protein Technologies (OPT) is a contract research organization located in Seattle Washington USA focused on providing high quality protein science services for clients and partners. The OPT staff has a wealth of collective experience in top-tier biotechnology companies successfully designing, producing and characterizing protein therapeutic candidates as well as critically important antigens and reagents. This experience includes solving problems associated with the expression/purification of challenging proteins. The aim of the OPT team is to leverage this knowledge to provide the best outcomes and experience for their clients and partners by providing quality science delivered with full engagement and the highest standards, integrity, and data security.    

The Company currently offers construct design, expression, protein production & characterization, biomolecular interaction analysis, and protein engineering services. They also leverage their network of protein science contacts to provide access to other types of analyses, such as advanced biophysical technologies. As OPT grows they are building on existing capabilities while broadening their offerings to include additional protein science services.


The Alpine Institute for Drug Discovery (AiDD, is a Switzerland-based company aiming at creating shared value for the community by maintaining industrial know-how in today’s changing pharmaceutical landscape. AiDD’s mission is to maximize the socio-economical impact of academic discoveries by performing translational drug discovery with academic researchers, technology transfer offices and local incubators to create innovative products in the pharmaceutical sector.

AiDD initiates projects via public-private partnerships and makes its experts and technology suite available to assist academic partners with target identification, characterization and validation efforts. AiDD also manages drug discovery projects through hit-to-lead and lead optimization phases. Through collaborations bridging academia and industry, AiDD aims at becoming a partner of choice for academics pursuing translational therapeutic discovery and a stable, trusted provider of high-quality pre-medicines for pharmaceutical partners and venture investors.

AiDD’s initial therapeutic focus is immunotherapeutics for oncology and autoimmune/inflammatory diseases.


Kaye D. Reiter, PhD, JD has over 10 years of biotech law experience, counseling pharmaceutical companies and academic and non-profit institutions.  She has substantial experience in preparing patent landscape, freedom to operate, and commercialization analyses; assessing intellectual property (IP); identifying strategic partners for growth and negotiating agreements that may develop from those activities.

Kaye obtained her PhD in molecular biology from the University of California, Berkeley and then conducted research at a large pharmaceutical company before attending law school at the University of Washington.

Kaye began her law career working as a patent associate for Davis Wright Tremaine, where she worked with a wide variety of life science clients, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies on intellectual property matters. As a Senior Licensing Associate and Technology Manager at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC) her main focus related to capturing and commercializing IP. This included assessing invention disclosures for patentability and commercialization potential; negotiating, drafting, and finalizing agreements, including IP licenses, material transfer agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and sponsored research agreements; and interacting with industry representatives and contacts regarding agreements and IP. In particular, she played a significant role in negotiating several high-impact patent licenses between FHCRC and life science companies and in promoting the establishment of a number of life science companies, including Juno Therapeutics, Nohla Therapeutics, and Rocket Pharma.

In 2016, Kaye launched her own law firm, Pursuit Law, where she continues to focus her practice on advising all types of biotech ventures.  With her background in science and law she is well equipped to understand and assist biotechnology companies and institutions navigate the complex legal and business issues that can arise as they launch, branch into new technologies, and evolve into larger entities