Testimonials from CDDG clients


“We came to the CDDG consulting group with questions around a mechanistic understanding of toxicity findings, and were very pleased with the thoughtful and thorough assessment provided in the form of an organized report that included a set of hypotheses and suggested experiments to address these.  Together, Dirk, Wayne, Eric and Kirk offer an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge, particularly in the field of immunobiology and applications to drug development issues.”

-Rebecca Ericsson, PhD DABT

Principal Scientist - Toxicologist

Denali Therapeutics


"As an entrepreneur working with a VC firm to explore new biotech company creation, I found myself needing to get expert assistance in fleshing out promising areas of science. In particular, CDDG have helped me with building a solid assessment of the biological validation, clinical and therapeutic rationale. They were able to bring to bear some very sophisticated genetic analyses to further refine opportunities that were not apparent in the published literature. I am also impressed with their pragmatic approach and understanding that a clear translational "line of sight” is what I really need. Easy to work with, responsive and understanding of budget constraints. Strong recommendation and I will work with them again."

-Christopher Roberts PhD

CEO & Founder, Princeps Therapeutics

Entrepreneur in Residence, SR one, LLC


"CDDG has helped us to refine and execute a biomarker plan in support of an upcoming phase 2 clinical study. To do this, their subject matter experts drew from their knowledge of the pathway biology, as well as their extensive experience researching and developing therapeutics in the indication space. The team was able to pull in specific CDDG experts to help with work streams such as genetics, bioinformatics and inmmuno-phenotyping, so as to leverage cutting edge biomarker methodologies. All work and interactions have been coordinated by the CDDG Lead and communication has been open and easy. Engaging with CDDG has been a valuable component of our efforts to rapidly expand our organization, and cost-effectively expand our pipeline." 

-Gregory Opiteck, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Early Clinical Development & Precision Medicine

Gossamer Bio


“The Cascadia group has had a tremendous impact on both the business and scientific strategy for our new company in the field of inflammasome research.  At the highest level, they understand what information and decisions are needed to make investments into drug discovery programs.  They have broad expertise that spans immunology, small and large molecule drug discovery and development as well as the understanding of preclinical and clinical successes and failures over the last 2 decades.  Their collective expertise has helped guide not only our programs, but our company.  At the end of the day, where they really shine is on execution and the science: they are experienced, pay great attention to detail and are hypothesis- and data-driven.  They are always asking the right questions and seeking answers using robust data sets.  Finally, they are a pleasure to work with: very bright, very collegial, always prepared and looking for optimal ways to advance in the best interest for patients and the company.”

Kevin Sprott, Ph.D.

SVP, Drug Discovery

SMOC Therapeutics


“We engaged the CDDG team to help us design a scientific plan and pre-IND strategy for a novel therapeutic program we are developing in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Their expertise in drug development and network of subject matter experts helped us address important questions around immunology, manufacturing and regulatory interactions. The Cascadia team have been easy to work with and their support has been key to our mapping a clear path to the clinic and very positive early feedback from regulatory agencies.”

-Brian Finrow, CEO

Lumen Bioscience, Inc.


“CDDG principals provided Celimmune with excellent consulting in a range of areas: biomarker design, implementation and analysis; medical monitoring and safety assessment; immunologic data interpretation and reporting. I can highly recommend CDDG for their Immunology drug development expertise”. 

-Francisco Leon, MD PhD

former CEO/CMO, Celimmune LLC

CSO & Co-Founder, Provention Bio


“I worked with the members of CDDG in the context of a small start-up antibody engineering company. Cascadia helped us understand two of our targets.  They taught us about the basic biology, preclinical models as well possible endpoints for early stage clinical studies.  They knew and could summarize the relevant literature.  In addition, they helped us understand the unmet medical needs where these pathways might be important.  Finally (and most unusually), they made clear recommendations regarding prioritization of one target vs the other and gave their reasoning. All members of this group were easy to work with, professional, smart and very responsive to our needs. I would strongly recommend them as a group with which to work.”

Susan Goelz, PhD

Translational Scientist