We aim to maximize the value of early drug discovery

Cascadia Drug Development Group was formed to efficiently advance scientific discoveries towards therapeutic reality. Society continues to have enormous need for effective new therapeutics, however R&D productivity within the larger biopharma industry is declining and pricing pressures are increasing. Therefore, better models are needed that access a broader pool of discovery providers, leverage experienced experts and provide a streamlined approach to drug development. 

CDDG provides such a model. Our lean and virtual operating structure keeps overhead costs low and enables nimble decision making. We seek to partner with universities, academic research centers, foundations, investors and small biotech companies to catalyze the commercialization of great science. As an integrated drug development group, we help you determine and meet the project’s specific needs at multiple steps of preclinical and early clinical development. We thus provide an efficient option for spin-outs and small biotechs seeking to reach lift off. Beyond fee for service structures, we also welcome discussions around more fully partnering on the project.

As shown in the illustration below, each step forward along the drug development path further de-risks the project and substantially increases the potential value to the discovery owner, investors and partners. This type of model works and is being realized around the world. Our case studies page further describes these larger industry trends and provides specific examples of such value creation arising from effective partnerships. 



How to access our expertise

CDDG has assembled an experienced team of experts that can design and implement many of the key activities required to mature a project and enrich the probability of success. By working directly with CDDG, you avoid the burden of identifying, vetting and managing multiple contractors or partners. We connect you to as few or as many experts as needed to derive integrated solutions and achieve critical milestones. The illustration below lists the specific areas of drug development that CDDG can help with and on our About us page you can learn about the leadership team and our affiliates.


Our Affiliates


Working together

The CDDG operating structure

We realize every project is different. We’ll take the time to understand your project’s history and your strategic goals in order to jointly arrive at a smart plan. Your primary contact will be through one or more of the CDDG Managing Partners, who oversee projects and coordinate input from our larger pool of experts. However, as our client or partner, you will also have access to direct communication with CDDG affiliates. We can assist in all planning and data review, whether studies are performed in client or partner facilities or through CROs. In some cases, we may leverage our network of strategic partners to help address project needs. In addition, we maintain an extensive network of contacts within the larger biopharma industry, which we can access on your behalf for funding, licensing or partnering discussions. Our overall approach rests on embracing a spirit of collaboration, maintaining a flexible and efficient operating structure and committing to robust communication between you, our partners and CDDG.